Word of the Board

Each Phoenix issue, an Albion board member writes a small piece on the opening page of the issue. Click on their pictures to see their Word of the Board.

More ‘contemporary’ Word of the Board can be found in the 2021-2022 Phoenix Issues… Curious to see what Bram wrote as a Chair? What about Dagmar, or Tessa? What did the previous COI wrote? And let’s not forget about the once Extrenal Affairs Daan and Commisioner of Education Victoria!

More and diverse Word of the Board are coming! So stay tuned for when the Phoenix Issue get released!


Bauke Dudink

Veerle Kosters

Charlotte van Houdt

Rixt Tuinstra

Nienke Hutten

Bram van Beerendonk









Imke van Dam

Effie Ophelders

Ward Faessen

Leanne van Kampen

Zoë Op Ten Berg














Sandra de Kruijf

Baukje Harmsma

Hanka Damsma

Lotte Murrath

Caitlin Kroot