Phoenix is the magazine that will document your time with Albion and beyond. A team of hard writers, editors and graphic designers work hard throughout the year to provide you with 4 issues, filled with interviews, reviews, fiction and more! You can check out all of the Phoenix issues on our website (members > phoenix issues).


This year’s members of Phoenix:


Marit Vogels (chair, editor in chief)

Mohana Zwaga (co-chair, creative director)

Leanne van Kampen (secretary)

Hester Schneider (treasurer)

Cecilie Balemans-Højberg (pr member)


And many more who help out on individual issues!

Got a question for Phoenix? Drop them an email via!

Writing for Phoenix

Here you can submit your writing pieces (fiction or non-fiction stories, articles, or columns) and if the committee likes it, you might see it back in the next issue!

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