The Albion Alumni Programme

Albion, the study association of English Language and Culture in Utrecht, has an Alumni programme. The great thing about our Alumni program is that you yourself can decide how active you want to be. If you are alumnus of this degree, you are very welcome to join the Albion Alumni programme: it’s free to join and open to all past students of English Language and Culture in Utrecht, not just Albion members.

As an alumnus you are invited to join Albion Alumni events, and from 2017 onwards a new program is introduced to inform current bachelor students about your experiences in the work field; The Buddy Project.

The Alumni Reunion: 60 year Jubilee

On March 23 the Departement of English celebrated its 60th birthday and organized (with the help of our own Alumni Committee) an alumni reunion right in the Academiegebouw. You can find the powerpoints presented on that day below! Just click on the one you want to see.

Albion Talk

On Not Going Dutch

Translating the Anglo-Saxon Way

And Pause a While from Letters to be Wise – Erik Kooper (cont. x, x, x)

The Buddy Project

Albion Utrecht and the department of English Language and Culture have worked together to realise a new concept within our association; The Buddy Project. Within this project we try to link students and former students together  and match them in a mentor- mentee fashion.

As a Buddy you engage in conversation about, for example, looking for an internship, Master decision and prospects on the job market. You can exchange tips and advice or visit group meetings which we will organise during the school year. A trip down memory lane for you, and a way for a current student to become more aware of future and career choices!

The Buddy Project is on a volunteering basis, however, an active stance is appreciated. This will be in the form of attending these meetings and maintaining contact between you and your mentee.

If you are interested in becoming an alumnus or becoming part of The Buddy Project please fill out the form below. For all you questions regarding the Alumni programme, you can contact Albion Utrecht by email.

If you are a student of English Language and Culture and are interested in the Buddy Project, you can sign up by sending an email to

In the meantime, it is encouraged to join the University Utrechts and Albions LinkedIn Alumni/student group 


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