From 2021, the Academic Committee (AC) and the Alumni Committee (AlumCie) have joined forces to ensure that with the help of a nice team of committee members they can organise the most amazing workshops, workshops for alumni and coordinate the Buddy Project.

The AC will organise study and career-related activities and serves to get more of your feedback to the university, discussing study materials, seminar rooms or library space,  as well as keep in touch with those who have finished studying English Language and Culture by sending out alumni updates and organising alumni-specific activities. Aside from that, the AC-LumCie coordinates the Buddy Project, where alumni are paired with students.

If you’re interested in joining the Buddy Project, you can sign up at the alumni page on the website (Members → Alumni)!

If you have any complaints, compliments, or comments on our lovely university please feel free to visit our Student Assemblies throughout the year or just email us. Do keep in mind that the Student Assemblies do not replace the course evaluations at the end of the block!

If you have some ideas on study or career-related activities that might be interesting for (fellow) Albioneers, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


This year’s committee members are:

Thom Bravenboer (chair)

Jojo Hogetoorn (treasurer)

Ilse Boer (secretary)

Robin Wijnen (pr-member)

Merle Logtenberg (general member)

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