Specialisation 1: Language Matters

Specialisation 1: Language Matters

Immerse yourself in English and learn to analyse the language in different ways through attention to subjectslike syntax (rules governing sentence structure), semantics (meanings of words and phrases), pragmatics (meanings of sentences in context), and prosody (melody of speech). Study the different ways that English is acquired (as a first and second language), and how different aspects of the language are used in communication. Explore too the earlier stages of English and how and why the language has changed over the course of time. This specialisation provides a strong foundation for the Master’s programmes in multilingualism and language acquisition, as well as the research Master in linguistics and the teacher training Master’s programme.


Block 1:

Language History of the British Isles (TL3V14201)

Part of the Language Matters specialisation. All languages change over time. Learn how English has changed and developed over centuries and why. We offer this course in odd academic years: 2019-2020, 2021-2022 etc.

Old English and the Languages of the Medieval British Isles (EN3V18001)

Part of the Language Matters specialisation. Old English was spoken until about 1100. Learn about this oldestform of English and the other languages spoken in the British Isles during the Middle Ages. We offer this course in even academic years: 2018-2019, 2020-2021 etc.


Block 2:

Prosody in Communication (EN3V18008)

Part of the Language Matters specialisation. Study prosodic phenomena like intonation and rhythm, and learn how native speakers and learners of English use prosody when they speak and listen to others and what happens in their minds when they do.

Block 3:

The Acquisition of English (EN3V14103)

Part of the Language Matters specialisation. How do people learn English as a first language during childhood? And how do they learn it as a second language in adulthood? Use theories of language acquisition to research and compare these topics.


Block 4:

Form, Meaning and Use (EN3V14101)

Part of the Language Matters specialisation. Examine the construction and use of sentences, words and meaning in the English language. How do speakers put words and their meanings together, and how do they figure out the subtleties of what sentences mean in context?