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With the passing of the years, things are bound to change… thus, it might be the case that you might find a very interesting Minor or Master but this is no longer available. Fret not, by looking at the University’s official website you will be fright-free! Nevertheless, since you are already here… why not read what these lovely Phoenix Issues have to offer?


Ancient Culture: Bibianne Oelderik

Artificial IntelligenceAlessandra Polimeno

Brains and Bodies: Annemay Schaap

Brains and Bodies: Imke van Dam

Celtic Languages and Culture: Caitlin Kroot

Celtic Languages and Culture: Kiki Drost

Cultuur, Communicatie en Mediastudies: Chrystel Philipsen

Digital Humanities: Charlotte van Ruiten

Educational MinorGeke Niemann

Educational Minor: Adriaan Walpot

Gender StudiesAnna de Roest

Gender Studies: Dirk Versluis

International Relations: Emma Wasser

International RelationsLaurel Sanders

International RelationsMichelle Moonen

Journalistiek: Ilse Bruls

Literature in Conflict: Jitske Brinksma

Media en Cultuur: Effie Ophelders

MuziekwetenschappenInge van Nimwegen

MuziekwetenschappenLotte Murrath

Philosophy: Bo Molenaar

Spanish Language and CultureNoa Tims

Swedish Language and Culture: Tessa Karsten

Youth StudiesCaitlin Kroot


Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Juliane Witte

RMA Comparative Literary Studies: Anneloek Scholten

RMA Comparative Literary Studies: Janieke Koning

Education and Communication: Robin Bal

Education and CommunicationZoë op ten Berg

Interculturele Communicatie: Hannah Schoonewille

JeugdliteratuurCaitlin Kroot

JeugdliteratuurMarlon Schotel

Journalistiek en Media: Jos de Groot

RMA Linguistics: Laura Smorenburg

Literary StudiesMinthe Woudstra

Literary StudiesJitske Brinksma

Literary Translation English-DutchKayleigh Herber

Literature Today: Kiki Drost

Literature Today: Suzanne Hoogstraten

North American Studies: Maroucha Veerman

Writing, Editing and Mediating: Anna de Roest