The Board

The Current Board

This is the XXXIIIrd board of Albion consisting of Nova, Nina, Thijs, Amelia, Thom and Charlie.



Nova Beinema – Chair

Nickname: Noof
Birthday: 9th of December (09-12-2002)
Drink: Vodka Cranberry
Quote/Catchphrase: “Het is echt casual” translation “It really is casual”.
Morning person or Night owl: Morning person
Book: Call Me by Your Name, by Andre Aciman
Word: Loquacious
Fictional character: Fleabag, she is simply all I want in a fictional character.
Movie: Mamma Mia, since it never fails to make me feel ecstatic.
No one knows that… I’m pretty good at Swedish crossword puzzles.
Spirit animal: A Bee, because I keep busy 🙂
Literature or Linguistics: Linguistics
Best Albion memory so far: My best Albion memory so far has been the Masquerade ball, that I organised with my fellow Party Committee members at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year. Everybody was dressed up and we even had an open bar! It was so much fun and it truly was a great way to celebrate the end of the year. But I’m certain we will be making many more great memories this year!


Nina Carstens – Secretary

Nickname: Nien
Birthday: September 23rd
Drink: Apple Cider
Quote/Catchphrase: “How dare you detective Diaz I am your superior officer!”
Morning person or Night owl: Actually neither but if I had to choose, Night owl.
Book: Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
Word: Scoundrel
Fictional character: Fang Runin from The Poppy War
Movie: Legally Blonde
No one knows that… the reason why I hate playing games (yes, ALL games) is because I am a incredibly sore loser.
Spirit animal: a Dik-dik
Literature or Linguistics: Literature
Best Albion memory so far: The entire big trip to Dublin


Thijs Legein – Treasurer

Nickname: Thiscus Fiscus
Birthday: 04-07-2023
Drink: Old Fashioned
Quote/Catchphrase: No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.
Morning person or night owl: Morning Person
Book: Gideon’s Travels
Word: Malarkey
Fictional character: Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Movie: Christopher Robin
No one knows that… I’m Rumpelstilsken.
Spirit animal: 
Literature or Linguistics: What is Literature?
Best Albion memory so far: Big Trip ‘23


Amelia van Esch – Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Nickname: Your Majesty/Queen (or simply Ames if you’re not a fan of monarchism)
Birthday: September 18th
Drink: Sparkling Ice Tea and Milkshakes
Quote/Catchphrase: “It’s not in the minutes, so it didn’t happen.”
Morning person or Night owl: Morning person, not by choice mind you, my internal clock simply does not allow me to sleep in :’)
Book: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley
Word: Immaculate
Fictional character: Professor Layton
Movie: Spider-Man: Into/Across the Spider-Verse
No one knows that… I used to make mediocre gaming videos on Youtube and stream on Twitch.
Spirit animal: Turtle.
Literature or Linguistics: Linguistics, always found analysing texts to be daunting.
Best Albion memory so far: The Dublin Big Trip!


Thom Bravenboer – Commissioner of Education

Nickname: The Tank Engine
Birthday: September 9th
Drink: Radler, preferably with a bunch of ice cubes.
Quote/Catchphrase: “I need structure otherwise I’m going to die.”
Morning person or night owl: Night owl
Book: The King of Elfland’s Daughter
Word: Prithee
Fictional character: Geralt of Rivia
Movie: The Princess Bride
No one knows that… I like to collect commemorative coins on vacation
Spirit animal: Crab
Literature or Linguistics: Literature
Best Albion memory so far: The beach day!


Charlie Edelbroek – Commissioner of External Affairs

Nickname: Tall Charlie
Birthday: 27 June
Drink: Tea! Dirty chai, (iced) earl grey or Yorkshire tea with milk more specifically
Quote/Catchphrase: I swear, in that moment, we were infinite
Morning person or night owl: I’m absolutely a night owl but after enough opening shifts at work I’m starting to vibe with the morning more as well
Book: Loveless by Alice Oseman or The Secret History by Donna Tartt
Word: Scrumptious
Fictional character: Remus Lupin
Movie: Little Women by Greta Gerwig (<3) or Dead Poets Society
No one knows that… I am actually 1.56m, I just float tall-y
Spirit animal: Otter 🙂
Literature or Linguistics: Lit(tle wom-)erature
Best Albion memory so far: Difficult choice but I’d say running into the North Sea with a small group while we were at the Albion Beach Day <3

Board History

The 32nd Board

Academic Year 2022-2023

Chair: Soraya van den Steen

Secretary: Marlies Riemens

Treasurer: Lisanne Nieuwendijk

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Anna Alborghetti

Commissioner of Education: Mar Luijkx

Commissioner of External Affairs: Lisanne Nieuwendijk


The 31st Board

Academic Year 2021-2022

Chair: Bram van Beerendonk

Secretary: Tessa van Westerop

Treasurer: Dagmar Nan

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Wobke Ballast

Commissioner of Education: Victoria Bluriot

Commissioner of External Affairs: Daan Reins


The 30th board

Academic year 2020-2021

Chair: Bauke Dudink

Secretary: Veerle Kosters

Treasurer: Charlotte van Houdt

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Rixt Tuinstra

Commissioner of Education: Nienke Hutten

Commissioner of External Affairs: Bram van Beerendonk


The 29th board

Academic year 2019-2020

Chair: Imke van Dam

Secretary: Effie Ophelders

Treasurer: Ward Faessen

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Leanne van Kampen

Commissioner of Education: Zoë op ten Berg


The 28th board
Academic year 2018-2019

Chair: Sandra de Kruijf
Secretary: Ymke Verploegen
Treasurer: Caitlin Kroot
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Hanka Damsma
Commissioner of Education: Lotte Murrath
Commissioner of External Affairs (resigned 24-04-2019): Baukje Harmsma


The 27th board
Academic year 2017-2018

Chair (resigned 30-04-2018): Job Petersen
Secretary: Tanisha Wetsteen
Treasurer: Justine Hoogstraten
Commissionair of Internal Affairs: Minthe Woudstra
Commissionair of External Affairs: Alessandra Polimeno


The 26th Board
Academic Year 2016-2017

Chair: Anna de Roest
Secretary: Vincent Brouwer
Treasurer: Chrystel Philipsen
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Jitske Brinksma
Commissioner of External Affairs: Iris Pijning


The 25th Board
Academic Year 2015-2016

Chair: Nick Breedveld
Secretary: Georgia-Rae Dijk
Treasurer: Laurien Schonewille
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Niki Liebregts
Commissioner of External Affairs: Maarten Gooskens


The 24th Board
Academic Year 2014-2015


Chair: Jos de Groot
Secretary: Nadine van kerkhoven
Treasurer: Floris Bouwman
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Carlijn Burggraaf
Commissioner of External Affairs: Pleuni van Laarhoven


The 23rd Board
Academic Year 2013-2014


Chair: Fleur Kronenberg
Secretary: Aster Dieleman
Treasurer: Syme van der Lelij
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Maroucha Veerman
Commissioner of External Affairs: Astrid Nieuwets


The 22nd Board
Academic Year 2012-2013


Chair: Michel Op Den Camp
Secretary: Valerie Vastbinder
Treasurer: Anneke Pons
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Annabelle Roovers
Commissioner of External Affairs: Aisha Mansaray


The 21st Board
Academic Year 2011-2010


Chair: Arne Rydell
Secretary: Laila El-Sayed
Treasurer: Christian Hendriks
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Koen van den Wijngaart
Commissioner of External Affairs: Litania de Graaf


The 20th Board
Academic Year 2010-2011

Chair: Joyce Calis
Secretary: Sabina Kasum (First Marianne Kraai)
Treasurer: Christian Hendriks
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Anton van der Sluis
Commissioner of External Affairs: Bas Teunissen


The 19th Board
Academic Year 2009-2010

Chair: Ingrid Verhees
Secretary: Bert Verwoerd
Treasurer: Jamili Wetzels *Honorary Albion Member*
Commissioner of Education: Lieke Oosterkamp


The 18th Board
Academic Year 2008-2009

Chair: Ruby Engelen
Secretary: Marjolein Toet
Treasurer: Judith de Graaf
Deputy-chair: Lisa Geijtenbeek
Commissioner of Public Relations: Esmé Deppe


The 17th Board
Academic Year 2007-2008

Chair: Erik van Dijk
Secretary: Wolf Hijlkema
Treasurer: Christine Kelly


The 16th Board
Academic Year 2006-2007

Chair: Michiel Bilderbeek
Secretary: Roos van de Wardt
Treasurer: Sander Gerrits


The 15th Board
Academic Year 2005-2006

Chair: Eva Overman
Secretary: Rosanne Dirksmeijer
Treasurer: Erik van Eimeren


The 14th Board
Academic Year 2004-2005

Chair: Laragh Meijer (now Willekes Macdonald)
Secretary: Laura van Hamersveld
Treasurer: Marieke Pieterman (not Ten Holter)


The 13th Board
Academic Year 2003-2004

Chair: Daniel Valkenhoff
Secretary: Linda van de Brink
Treasurer: Tamara Ramsey


The 12th Board
Academic Year 2002-2003

Chair: Frances van Oost
Secretary: Heiltje Winterink
Treasurer: Luuk Keijser


The 11th Board
January 2001 – September 2002

Chair: Peter Kroes
Secretary: Victoire Nijland
Treasurer: Jorinde de Boer


The 10th Board
Calendar Year 2000

Chair: Michiel de Hoog
Secretary: Roos Jansen
Treasurer: Dennis de Jong, Suzanne Martens?
Committee coordinator: Sanne Bergenhenegouwen 


The 9th Board
Calendar Year 1999

Chair: Michiel de Hoog
Secretary: Roos Jansen
Treasurer: Dennis de Jong
Committee coordinator: Sanne Bergenhenegouwen


The 8th Board
Calendar Year 1998

Chair: Kathelijne van de Velde
Secretary: Chantal Weghorst
Treasurer: Lianne van der Meer


The 7th Board
Calendar Year 1997

Chair: Anneke Gortemulder
Secretary: Chantal Weghorst
Treasurer: Niels Rengelink


The 6th Board
Calendar Year 1996

Chair: Henriëtta Spa
Secretary: Gabriëlla van Karsbergen
Treasurer: Bas Jonkers


The 5th Board
Calendar Year 1995

Chair: Jetta Spaanenburg
Treasurer: Jean Michael Thijssen


The 4th Board
Calendar Year 1994

Chair: A. Post


The 3rd Board
Calendar Year 1993

Chair: J. van Harmelen


The 2nd Board
Calendar Year 1992

Chair: Maayke Botman
Secretary: Iris Casteren van Cattenburgh
Treasurer: Maarten Coelingh


The 1st Board
Calendar Year 1991

Chair: Jan de Nooij
Secretary: Renée Kerkhoven
Treasurer: Maarten Coelingh

This is as far as our knowledge of previous board members goes. If you have any information on previous Albion board members, please contact us at

Before Albion Utrecht was restarted in 1991 with the Statutes, it did exist and it had board members. However, we know of only someformer board members:

  1. Erik Cooper (Treasurer in 1962-63, and President in 1963-64)
  2. Jan Paul Kuijper
  3. Peter Schelleman (1968-69)
  4. Bert Schouten
  5. Monic Martens (1982-1987?)
  6. Gert Jan Lantinga (Chair during 1979-85)