Tea Time

Many awesome English teachers have come and gone over the past few years (and some are still here), but luckily enough Phoenix has recorded noteworthy interviews with a lot of them. The extensive gallery below proves that. Take a look in the lives of your favourite professors by clicking on their portrait.


Sue Blackwell

Marcelle Cole







Credits: Femke Edelbroek, Eva Biesheuvel


Ruth Clemens

Lieke Stelling

Ashley Micklos







Clara Vlessing









Credits: Fenna Leeuwenburgh, Patrick van Oosterom, Iris Du Gardijn, Roos Ledeboer


Cathelein Aaftink

Trenton Hagar

Stella Gryllia

Elena Tribushinina








Credits: Percy Lesoff, Angela Kroes & Robert Ziolkowski.


Johanna Hoorenman

Heidi Klockmann

Aaron Griffith

Mia You







Credits: Indie Reijnierse & Laurel Sanders.


Onno Kosters

Debbie Cole

Rias van den Doel

Anna Poletti








Credits: Kiki Drost, Minthe Woudstra, Lola van Scharrenburg & Lucínia Philip.


Ton Hoenselaars

Allison Kirk

Sarah Chambers

James Griffiths







Credits: Kiki Drost, Simone Schoonwater & Lucínia Philip.


David Pascoe

Maria Kager

Marcelle Cole

Nynke de Haas

Paul Franssen

Klaas de Zwaan







Credits: Kiki Drost, Marijn Brok, Simone Schoonwater & Judith Brinksma.


Simon Cook

Koen Sebregts

Bert Schouten

Roselinde Supheert







Credits: Kiki Drost & Stanzy Kersten.