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Latest posts

LinkedIn Training

It’s time to get professional! Albion presents the perfect opportunity to pimp your LinkedIn profile and establish those connections you’ve always dreamed of. Sjoer from Career Services will help you to set up your profile from scratch, and will... Read More

Member Mumble #6 Baukje Harmsma

Waldorf education is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Anthroposophy believes in the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world that is accessible by direct experience through inner development (Wikipedia’s words, not mine).... Read More

Dies Natalis

It’s Albion’s 27th anniversary next week! This deserves some celebratory activities of course. Get ready for an original Dutch birthday party with lots of cake, games and gezelligheid at The Shack on Monday the 9th. The next day we’ll... Read More

New Merch Is In!

  We proudly introduce you: the Albion sweater! This super fashionable piece of merch is now available for order. And once you’re at it, get your tote bag, which might not be able to carry all of your Nortons,... Read More

Young Adult Literature

!! Hear ye, Hear ye !! Our very own Young Adult Literature reading group is offering you a chance to join them. They gather every third thursday of the month and their first meeting is on the 19th of... Read More

Booksale Block 1

We know you’re all enjoying your summer full of lovely days out with friends, maybe some trips abroad to sunny shores, a belly full of summery treats, and best of all: absolutely nothing academic on your mind. Although, let’s... Read More

Phoenix Issue 04

To everything comes an end. Even to great procrastination fuel like the lovely Phoenix. So here’s the last Phoenix of this academic year. It’s full of reviews and Summer recommendations like Utrecht’s best ice cream places. Of course you... Read More

Albion Shirts

By popular request we’re introducing a new piece of Albion merch: the Albion baseball shirt! Get ready for Summer with this shirt displaying your bachelor degree and study association for all to see. Wear it to your family’s Summer... Read More