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Office Hours

11-13: Sandra
13-16: Baukje

11-13: Ymke
13-16: Lotte

11-13: Caitlin
13-16: Baukje

11-13: Sandra
13-16: Hanka


Halloween Movie Night

Halloween Movie Night

We are spamming you once again, and this time to promote a special spooky spectacle! Do you have nerves (or balls) of steel? Are you not afraid of the dark? Or are you rather a bunch of scaredy cats like we, the AcCie, are and only able to watch horror movies when protected by brave Albioneers? Then this is just the event for you! Join us on Wednesday, October 24th at 17:00 to watch a couple movies! We will be starting out the evening with a little warm-up in The Rocky Horror Picture Show before we even want to try the horror that is Halloween!