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Latest posts

Phoenix Issue 01

It’s the first Phoenix of the year and the new committee has done a truly wonderful job! They’ve kicked off the year with some solid Phoenix favourites, such as Tea Time, Q&Alumni, Culture Corner and Showcase (with a new... Read More

New Pub: De Stadsgenoot

As some of you probably have noticed, most of our recent recreational activities have taken place at café De Stadsgenoot instead of Jij&Wij. This is due to some changes going on at the Jij&Wij. So in order to be... Read More

Member Mumble #2 Pauw Vos

Leaves of all colours are once again floating downwards, the nights lengthen and the temperature drops. It’s obvious, autumn is upon us. For some this might be a time of bitter cold, and last-minute trips to warmer locations, but... Read More

Albion Ski Trip

Dear Albioneers, Like every year, the SkiCie is organising a ski trip! This year’s trip will take place from the 27th of January till the 4th of February (it has some overlap of dates with this year’s Kleine Reis).... Read More

Booksale Block 2

If, like me, you find unpacking a fresh batch of books is always the most exciting part of a course, I have some good news for you. Because the books for the second block are up in the webstore. As... Read More

Member Mumble #1: Veerle de Jong

For the past few months, things have not gone the way I wanted them to go. For starters, I did not go on summer vacation. While everyone was having fun somewhere around the world (thanks for all those Snapchats... Read More

Drongo Language Festival

Why visit Drongo? For all students who have affinity with language, Drongo Festival is a real treat. Students who seriously consider working in the language sector can physically explore the work field. Browse the interactive information market to discover... Read More