Improving international student wellbeing!

Dear student,


Are you an international student? And would you like to join us in a brainstorm how we could improve international student wellbeing (and receive a gift card for your help)?


We’ve received various signs that international students experience difficulties during their studies that impact their wellbeing and their study progress. To get a better understanding of what international students go through and to brainstorm about possible solutions, we would like to talk to you as an international student yourself. We won’t discuss your personal wellbeing or study progress, but we would like to receive your input based on your experiences and what you see happening around you.


We’ll be inviting several international students, both Bachelor and Master level, for a brainstorm session on Thursday 1 June from 15.00-16.30. Could you please email me, Sanne Boomsma (email found via searching the name through UU Outlook; policy advisor for internationalisation), whether you will be joining in? As a thank you for your help, your will receive a €25 giftcard!


Best regards,