Join the Board of 2020-2021!

The Board application is now open! You can sign up by filling in this form and attaching a letter of motivation. There are no criteria for this letter, just be sure to include relevant skills and possible (committee) experience. The deadline is the 1st of March 23:59.

Did you miss the Board Information Meeting? You can find the handouts for each specific function on the website (click on the picture of the corresponding Board Member) and you can always drop by the shack for a quick recap or for all your burning questions! Any other questions can be sent to us via email at

Board Application
Note that you need to pass your first year (get a positive BSA) to get on the board.
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Third choice (optional)
Please copy paste your motivation letter here.

IMPORTANT: be sure to keep the 15th and 24th of March FREE in your schedule!

Please note that if you are a Friend of Albion, you can only apply for the position of Chair, and no other positions.