Week 1-3

Week 1

Our SkiCie is still on holiday in the beautiful French Alpes and hopefully not breaking any bones! Otherwise we’re all semi-enjoying our break, I’m guessing most of us watched Sherlock on Wednesday, whilst still hungover from New Years (I was very hungover on oliebollen and appelbeignets).


Week 2

Monthly Drinks
Tuesday January 7th

SO MUCH FUN! We really liked seeing all those familiar faces and wishing everyone a happy new year (even that technically wasn’t allowed any longer).  Hopefully these monthly drinks set the tone for the many to come as everyone really enjoyed themselves.

SUDS One Act Festival
January 9th-10th


Photos by Pauline

Just before the end of week 2 SUDS presented their annual One Act Festival. Personally, I think they really stepped up their game this year and this showed not only in quality of the plays but in variety as well. There was dancing, crying, murder, laughter and even a touch of magic. The festival resulted in two nights of theater-filled fun and was ended by a very lively after-drinks-party at the Mick.

Week 3

Halfjaarlijkse ALV
Tuesday January 14th

This Tuesday marked the time of the halfjaarlijkse Algemene LedenVergadering. The two hours set for this meeting were very much necessary and fully used. Before the website crashed I posted a quick recap. However, as this post is now lost in the void that is the internet and the full minutes are available, I recommend you read those instead.

Begroting (+bijlage)
Balans (+ bijlage)


Study Afternoon
Wednesday January 15th

What’s better than studying alone? Studying together of course! Just what we did last Wednesday. It was in that part of KNG you do not know actually exists until you’ve been there (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t been there yet). Armed with my Heath Anthology of American Literature Part 2 I went there with a mission: to actually read stuff (unlike last time, when I just ate cookies).  It didn’t entirely work out as planned, but thankfully some camera dude came along and wanted to film us studying. The university apparently hired him to make a short promo film for the website.
No one dared to talk any more. In the nervous silence that followed, I actually managed to read an entire short story, making this study afternoon extremely productive and successful. All while starring in a film. Nice.
by Syme


Pubquiz 2: Do It Yourself
Thursday January 16th


Once more the pubquiz was a big succes. Honestly, the crafts bit where we got to build our own whatever out of paper and glue was the best. Definitely my favourite part of the quiz. We want to congratulate the Tearable Punks on their victory and thank the Activities Committee for another wonderful evening. Keep an eye on their page for the pubquiz ranks!