Dear Albi(oneers),

On May 26th, 2023, AIESEC is organizing the Youth Speak Forum event in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam,  where young people (350+) from different parts of the Netherlands will come together to discuss the SDGs and their involvement in achieving these goals together with the business such as Unilever, EY, FMO, Tony’s Chocolonely and non-business such as NS, SDG Netherlands, UN Global Compact.
One of the main topics that will be addressed during the event is SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production. During this eventful day, you can join our keynotes, discussion panel and workshops where you will get more insight into the SDGs and join the conversation with representatives of big organizations  (Hans Stegeman, Sandra Pellegrom, Hugo Verkuil) about global issues. And you are of course invited to join us on the 26th of May at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Hope to see you all there!