Albion’s 5th Lustrum

lus·trum (het; o; meervoud: lustra, lustrums)
tijdperk van vijf jaar
feest dat om de vijf jaar gevierd wordt

Or so says De Dikke van Dale. What more is there to say? Well, for starters, this is the 5th lustrum of the students association for English Language and Culture, so again we turn to mr. van Dale and we find that he can’t really give us much more than this:

lustrum [vijfjarig bestaan] fifth anniversary

The english language falls a tad short according to van Dale, unless we turn to “lustrumjaar” which gives us the wonderful “quinquennial anniversary”. Although it might be great practice for Soundlab, we’re going to stick with lustrum.
This little example of the English language ties in nicely with the actual reason for this post, but it also highlights the many difficulties we can encounter when studying the English language. Aside from the pitfalls, the English language offers a wondrous world filled with countless variations and numerous keys to many different cultures around our ever-shrinking globe. Hence why we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary (or 5th lustrum) around the theme: English around the World.
Like the many people that speak it, English comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and this year we’re going to highlight all those Englishes that are normally overshadowed by RP and GA.
Our birthday (Dies) is on October 9th and on that day we will kick off our quinquennial anniversary! You can expect a whole range of activities, united by our love for the English language.

Lustrum events:

[tab: dies (oct 9th)] The Dies
These are the events which span the entire day, celebrating the “birthday” of Ablion.
Date: 9 october
Time: All morning
Place: The Shack
There will be cake

Birthday Palooza
Date October 9
Place: Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten
13.00 Opening by Albion chairman
13.40 “Brits Abroad: Travelling in the Middle Ages” by Marcelle Cole
14.15 “How South Africa Came to Utrecht: A Witness Report” by Paul Franssen
15.15 “‘Whorled Without Aimed’: Global Joyce” by Onno Kosters
15.50 “Flying the Kite of Your Dreams: Migrants Then and Now” by Roselinde Supheert
16.25 Close by Albion chairman
16.30 Post-event drinks

Dies Dinner 
Albion’s Birthday Dinner
Date: October 9
Time 17:30
Place: Le Connaisseur

Pub Quiz
A Pub Quiz linked to our Lustrum Theme
Date: 9 October
Time: 20:30
Place: Mick O’Connell’s

Lustrum Drinks
What’s a birthday without getting smashed?
Date: 9 October
Time: 22:00
Place: Mick O’Connell’s

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