General Member Meeting

Thursday the 16th of November Albion held a general member meeting to discuss some of the board’s current plans. This led to a successful change of the Winter Sports Committee into a Sports Committee, which will receive a budget. The board and committee are excited to work together to make this new concept for the committee a great success. Another plan the board presented is called ‘Vrienden van Albion’, which should make it possible to let more people who are interested in English, besides bachelor students, engage with Albion. The board likes to start a pilot as of next September to test this plan first. This year they will continue to make sure that everything is in order for the pilot to begin. They have already established a means of the SUDS board consisting out of non-English major students. Finally, there has also been a discussion about whether certain traditions should become officially regulated. The board advised this would not be beneficial for Albion on the long term, and by means of a vote this has also been decided by the meeting. The details can be found in the minutes, which will be sent to all members via email close to the next member meeting.