Dies Natalis

It’s Albion’s 27th anniversary next week! This deserves some celebratory activities of course. Get ready for an original Dutch birthday party with lots of cake, games and gezelligheid at The Shack on Monday the 9th. The next day we’ll dedicate our Monthly Drinks to our Dies Natalis, to celebrate with even more members (and perhaps even some teachers), but not after we have gathered all of Albion’s committees for the very first Committee Meeting of the year. Then, finally, it’s time for the biggest of parties on Wednesday in De Poema, with as theme Holy Moly Alumniumfolie, which is preceded by a pre-party at the Shack where you can get your desired decorations of aluminum foil. Tickets for the party are still available at The Shack for a mere €4. Check out the Albion Facebook Page for more information on the coming events. Hope you’ll be there to celebrate with us! Cheers.