Biannual General Assembly (G.A) – 24 January

Dear Albi,

The Winter Holidays are coming to an end, and we all know what that means… The Biannual General Assembly is right around the corner! (Doesn’t time just fly?)
The Biannual General Assembly (G.A) is important both for Board and for Albi; the near future of the association -thus, what will happen in the coming 6 months- will be decided upon and we want everyone to have the ability to voice their opinion, and get to vote, on matters that are relevant and might affect them directly.

The G.A will be held on the 24th of January at 19:00 at Sweelickzaal

For a general overview, take a look at the images below to see what to expect of the G.A. But, for really thorough information, don’t forget to read the emails that our lovely Secretary has sent!

Hope to see you there,
The Board