UU is looking for a student-member of the University Council!

Dear Albi,

Utrecht University is looking for motivated, ambitious students who would like to join in the discussions on university wide issues and participate in the strategy development process of the university. The Central Electoral Office and The Albion Board would like to ask you to point your attention towards the position of student-member of the University Council. After all, the students on this council represent the members of your student association at the university level. 

The students of the University Council have the opportunity to protect the students’ interests and to advise the Executive Board upon their request as well as on the Council’s own initiative (alone or together with the staff section). For some important decisions, the University Council even has a right of assent. For students, this is a paid administrative position for a year. Students will be a member of the student section of the University Council and work as a Council member for four days a week. 

There is also a demand for council members at the faculty level. Please visit the website in order to obtain more information about the position and to find out how students can stand as a candidate. 

Thank you for your time.

Hope this spiked your interest :),

The Board