Being an Albion member gets you loads of perks at different shops and restaurants. Just make sure you bring your Albion membership card at any of the places below and you’ll be sure of a special discount.

[tab: Celil City Bike]


Celil City Bike is Albion’s latest partner. We know that most of our members go from A to B with their bike. Who are we to deny our members that piece of Dutch culture? You get a 10% discount of all bikes and accessories and 15% on all repairs! So should you be in need of a new bike, a new lock, or need to fix up your old trusted steed, simply drop by the Voorstraat and show them your Albion card.

[tab: DressMe]


DressMe is a shop specialised in promotion. They can print your tshirts, sweaters and more. Not only do they provide us with lovely, cosy Albion sweaters, in the past they have also printed specific hoodies for the various Albion trips. And the best part? You as a member can use their services at a 10% discount if you show your Albion membership card! So the next time you partake in a pubquiz, scavenger hunt or sports day; how about raising your team to the next level with matching team shirts?



[tab: La Ciabatta II]


At this cozy Mediterranean spot behind Neude (Schoutenstraat, not Mariaplaats), you can find sandwiches, salads, pastas and pizzas that taste of summer holidays at the Italian sea side. Showing your Albion membership card will get you a 10% discount on your order, so maybe you can start saving up for an actual trip to Venice or Rome or wherever.


La Ciabatta Logo


[tab: Bar Beton]


Studying and coffee go hand in hand. And if you’re not a coffee person, there’s always tea to sooth you after you’ve completed your deadlines. So whether you want to make it through that last stretch of chaotic stress before your deadline, or want to celebrate having handed in a paper, or if you just (like most of us) really like coffee and/or tea: swing by Bar Beton. It’s really close to the lecture rooms in the inner city (so perfect for an inbetween-class break as well). If you show them your Albion card you’ll get a 10% discount on your order at any of their venues!

bb logo


[tab: Café De Stadsgenoot]


On the beautiful Breedstraat, just minutes away from the Drift, you can find our favourite pub. With a 10% discount, this cozy pub is a great place to drink your fellow Albioneers under the table.