The Albion Board is responsible for the entire association. They make sure everything runs smoothly, whether it’s to do with the degree of English or with activities. The Board is divided up into five distinct functions, which can be split up in an executive board and commissioners (click on the functions listed below for more specific information). If you are contemplating a Board year, please read this file containing some general information on additional tasks and collaborations.

Executive Board
Treasurer/Vice Chair

Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Commissioner of External Affairs



[tab: The 26th Albion board]

Academic Year 2016-2017

Are they the supreme leaders of the association? No. Are they the ones that rule your student life with an iron fist? Not exactly. Are they responsible for ensuring that your year will be an entertaining, educational, and inebriated one? Yes.

The XXVIth Albion Board consist of Anna, Vincent, Chrystel, Jitske, and Iris. They will dedicate this academic year to making yours unforgettable!


Anna de Roest

Who is this blonde stud, you may ask? This is Anna, our beloved chair. Although she’s the youngest of the board, she can certainly hold her own. Her bubbly personality and her secret geek identity make her incredibly loveable. She has a big love for books, especially Harry Potter. So if you’re interested in Harry Potter, Anna is the girl to talk to. Apart from her love of books, she is a wonderful cellist, and can party with the best of them. As chair, Anna will deliver great speeches and do her best to tame the rest of the board, as she is the voice of reason.


  • Nickname: Frank
  • From: Amersfoort
  • Born on: 07-07-1997
  • You can always wake her at night for: Chicken McNuggets
  • Dogs or cats: Dogs!! Although I am slowly learning to appreciate cats
  • Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
  • Favourite book: Harry Potter, The Book Thief and A Separate Peace
  • The perfect pizza: I know it’s “not a real pizza” but I love pizza Hawaii




Vincent Brouwer

Vincent is one of the most loyal and sweet people you’ll ever meet. If you need something, don’t be afraid to ask him! He’ll help you the best way he can. He much prefers cookies over candy, so I recommend you to come to his office hours to snatch those free cookies! I mean, everybody loves food, right? As secretary, Vincent will be in charge of our mail and of informing and updating Albion members through the weekly update.


  • Nickname: Vin, Funny Vinnie, Tessa, Prinsesje
  • From: I grew up in Eemnes, and remained close to Eemland since most of my family lives in ‘t Gooi
  • Born on: The 13th of september, 1994, apparently a very cloudy Tuesday
  • You can always make him happy with: anything cute or a small act of kindness and a smile
  • You can wake him at night for: anything, as long as you ask nicely
  • Dogs or cats: I do like dogs, but I find cats to be in many ways superior
  • Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
  • The perfect pizza: Savoury, preferably with lots of meat and cheese



Chrystel Philipsen

Chrystel is a force to be reckoned with. This hard working young lady is keen in both perception and spirit, ready to take on anything that crosses her path, whether it be budgets or re-organising the Albion shack. Apart from being a force to be reckoned with, she has a remarkable sweet side. Chrystel loves RuPaul’s Drag Race and her cute doggy, Dobby. As Albion’s treasurer Chrystel will make sure all money goes where it belongs.


  • Nickname: Chryzzle, Chryssie and, unfortunately, Saat (abbreviation of Satan)
  • From: Delly city, 0223 represent
  • Born on: March 23rd 1995
  • You can always make her happy with: puppies, money, food, and alcohol
  • You can always wake her at night for: nothing, unless you are dying. I like my sleep.
  • Dogs or cats: dogs.
  • Favourite word: canucklehead
  • Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw



Jitske Brinksma
Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Like our chair, Jitske is a Potterhead. Besides this, she’s got a brain full of wisdom. Perhaps surprisingly so, Jitske is the queen of ‘adten’ within the board. Try to beat her at it! We tried and it is hard. Jitske is the perfect combination of student and brains. She doesn’t mind a drink and a party, but she’s also serious about her studies. This makes her the perfect fit for commissioner of internal affairs. She’ll play a big role in many things related to your studies. As a matter of fact, she’s the link between students of English and our department. So don’t be afraid to shoot your questions at Jitske!


  • Nickname: Joost, Jits, Sparkle
  • From: Hilversum
  • Born on: 6-11-1992 (yes. I am ancient)
  • You can always wake her at night for: a date with Jamie Oliver
  • Dogs or cats: Cats (my cat Moes is the best best ever)
  • Favourite word: Discombobulated
  • Hogwarts house: Hufflepuf
  • Favourite book: North and South, Harry Potter, and Emma
  • The perfect pizza: all the cheese and loads of veggies





Iris Pijning
Commissioner of External Affairs

Iris is our commissioner of external affairs. If you want her attention, just bring your cat or maybe a picture of a cat. She’s passionate about cats, but has some issues with dogs. Iris has been a dedicated member of Albion for three years. She’s been in several committees and has proved how much she cares about our beloved study association. This year, she will keep you updated about everything Albion-related through Facebook and the website. Along with that, she’ll get her hands dirty to fix the best deals for Albion members. She’s already made a head-start before the academic year and has shown to be an unstoppable force.

  • Nickname: Pittig / Pittig Kittig / Spice
  • From: the oh so picturesque city of Lelystad
  • Born on: the Thursday before Chrystel
  • You can always make her happy with: hugs (and, let’s be real, money)
  • You can wake her at night for: avocado sushi and an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Dogs or cats: Cats are obviously the superior species. Except my cat Eddie, he is an arse.
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin
  • Favourite book: Facebook

[tab: Board History]

The 25th Board
Academic Year 2015-2016

Chair: Nick Breedveld
Secretary: Georgia-Rae Dijk
Treasurer: Laurien Schonewille
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Niki Liebregts
Commissioner of External Affairs: Maarten Gooskens

The 24th Board
Academic Year 2014-2015


Chair: Jos de Groot
Secretary: Nadine van kerkhoven
Treasurer: Floris Bouwman
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Carlijn Burggraaf
Commissioner of External Affairs: Pleuni van Laarhoven

The 23rd Board
Academic Year 2013-2014


Chair: Fleur Kronenberg
Secretary: Aster Dieleman
Treasurer: Syme van der Lelij
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Maroucha Veerman
Commissioner of External Affairs: Astrid Nieuwets

The 22nd Board
Academic Year 2012-2013


Chair: Michel Op Den Camp
Secretary: Valerie Vastbinder
Treasurer: Anneke Pons
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Annabelle Roovers
Commissioner of External Affairs: Aisha Mansaray

The 21st Board
Academic Year 2011-2010


Chair: Arne Rydell
Secretary: Laila El-Sayed
Treasurer: Christian Hendriks
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Koen van den Wijngaart
Commissioner of External Affairs: Litania de Graaf

The 20th Board
Academic Year 2010-2011

Chair: Joyce Calis
Secretary: Sabina Kasum (First Marianne Kraai)
Treasurer: Christian Hendriks
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Anton van der Sluis
Commissioner of External Affairs: Bas Teunissen

The 19th Board
Academic Year 2009-2010

Chair: Ingrid Verhees
Secretary: Bert Verwoerd
Treasurer: Jamili Wetzels *Honorary Albion Member*
Commissioner of Education: Lieke Oosterkamp

The 18th Board
Academic Year 2008-2009

Chair: Ruby Engelen
Secretary: Marjolein Toet
Treasurer: Judith de Graaf
Deputy-chair: Lisa Geijtenbeek
Commissioner of Public Relations: Esmé Deppe

The 17th Board
Academic Year 2007-2008

Chair: Erik van Dijk
Secretary: Wolf Hijlkema
Treasurer: Christine Kelly

The 16th Board
Academic Year 2006-2007

Chair: Michiel Bilderbeek
Secretary: Sander Gerrits
Treasurer: Roos van de Wardt

The 15th Board
Academic Year 2005-2006

Chair: Eva Overman
Secretary: Rosanne –
Treasurer: Erik van Eimeren

The 14th Board
Academic Year 2004-2005

Chair: Laragh Meijer (now Willekes Macdonald)
Secretary: Laura van Hamersveld
Treasurer: Marieke Pieterman (not Ten Holter)

The 13th Board
Academic Year 2003-2004

Chair: Daniel Valkenhoff
Secretary: Linda van de Brink
Treasurer: Tamara Ramsey

The 12th Board
Academic Year 2002-2003

Chair: Frances van Oost
Secretary: Luuk Keijser
Treasurer: Heiltje Winterink

The 11th Board
January 2001 – September 2002

Chair: Peter Kroes
Secretary: Victoire Nijland
Treasurer: Jorinde de Boer

The 10th Board
Calendar Year 2000

Chair: Michiel de Hoog
Secretary: Roos Jansen
Treasurer: Suzanne Martens

Unfortunately, that is as far as our knowledge of previous board members goes. If you have any information on previous Albion board members, please contact us at 

The 9th Board
Calendar Year 1999

Possibly Dennis de Jong and Sanne –

The 8th Board
Calendar Year 1998

Possibly Lianne van der Meer, Kathelijne van de Velde and Chantal Weghorst

The 7th Board
Calendar Year 1997

Possibly Jetta Spaanenburg and Anneke Gortemulde

The 6th Board
Calendar Year 1996


The 5th Board
Calendar Year 1995


The 4th Board
Calendar Year 1994


The 3rd Board
Calendar Year 1993


The 2nd Board
Calendar Year 1992


The 1st Board
Calendar Year 1991

Chair: Maarten Coelingh

Before Albion Utrecht was restarted in 1991, it did exist and it had board members. However, we know of only two former board members, Erik Kooper (Treasurer in 1962-63, and President in 1963-64) and Bert Schouten.

[tab: Honorary Albion Members]

Over the years a few Honorary Albion Members were named during ALV meetings.
As far as we know the Honorary Albion Members are:

– Jamili Wetzels (Former Board Member, Member of Council of Former Board Members) appointed on August 29, 2013
– Bert Schouten (Teacher at Utrecht University, Former Board Member) appointed by the XXth board
– Jan (employee of “Lokaal 9”)
– Peter de Voogd