Albion Utrecht has been around since 1959; however, it ceased to exist at some point. It was refounded in 1991 as the study association we now know and love.

Albion is the oldest (known) name of the island of Great Britain, and is today still used in poetry. The white cliffs of Dover may have been the reason Great Britain was called Albion; as Albion means either white, or hill.

In the 12th century Historia Regum Brittanae (The History of Kings in Britain), goddess Diana tells Brutus of Troy:


“Brutus! there lies beyond the Gallic bounds
An island which the western sea surrounds,
By giants once possessed, now few remain
To bar thy entrance, or obstruct thy reign.
To reach that happy shore thy sails employ
There fate decrees to raise a second Troy
And found an empire in thy royal line,
Which time shall ne’er destroy, nor bounds confine”



Study Association

Albion is the study association linked to English Language and Culture at Utrecht University. A study association is similar to a student association in many regards; both provide its members with activities and a welcoming environment to make new friends. However, the biggest, and often most important difference, is that nothing is mandatory with a study association. Aside from that, a study association will also have activities linked to the corresponding study and will also be a helping hand for its members when it comes to their academic pursuits and difficulties.

The Board

The people responsible for Albion is the board. They will make sure that the members will get what they need, coördinate committees, host events, and form the link between the university and its students. You can read about the current and past boards of Albion here. It’s possible for every member of Albion to apply for a position on the board. This means that you will perform a part-time task for the association. Not only is it a boon to your CV, it is also a year in your student-life which you will never forget.
Because the board oversees all Albion activities, they’ll know a thing or two about Albion and student-life. Should you have any questions regarding Albion, for example, your rights as a members (Huisregelementen & Statuten), you can request these of the board as well.


Where the board oversees, the committee-members will actually get their hands dirty. Committees are the bread and butter of Albion, together with the board they will make sure that the Albion-year is packed with activities. If you want to join a committee you can fill out the form here or you could form a new committee. If you wish to do this, you will need to contact the board. Should you have an idea for a great activity for one of the existing committees, don’t hestitate to contact either the board or the committee! Albion is always looking for input from its members.

Interested in becoming a members? Click here.