Albion Shirts

By popular request we’re introducing a new piece of Albion merch: the Albion baseball shirt!

Get ready for Summer with this shirt displaying your bachelor degree and study association for all to see. Wear it to your family’s Summer barbecue as a conversation starter for awkward distant relatives, or make friends at a festival by letting semi-strangers stare at your chest area with a legit reason.

The quality of the image is a bit shitty, which is due to my computer doing some sort of digi-fart. Our shirt printer DressMe makes good stuff, so the logo will come out in roughly the same spot but a lot more detailed;)

The shirts are only available for a limited amount of time, so if you’d like one, please send an e-mail with your shirt size to before May 17th 23.59. Get your friends to order some shirts as well because the more shirts we get, the cheaper they will be. The shirts start at €10,94 but could get cheaper;). Details about payment etc. will be sent by e-mail after the deadline for ordering.