Albion Member Mumble #1: Chrystel Philipsen

Another month, but not another recap. Instead of reading the monthly recap written by one of our lovely board members, you will read the first ever Albion Member Mumble written by me, Chrystel. I have been told that I could write about anything, even topics that are not related to Albion. But to be honest, my last few weeks have been filled with Albion activities and I cannot imagine a better topic to write about than one of the greatest nights in Dublin. Two weeks ago we began our journey to Dublin. The week was filled with fun activities, nice food and a lot of walking. I got the chance to form new friendships in that week and to get to know other members of Albion, which I am grateful for. We also met an Irish band named Scoops Music in a pub called The Auld Dubliner. That was probably one of the best nights in Dublin. We all “fangirled” as Scoops played a few songs for their Dutch fans. I think I almost lost my voice that night because of all the singing and screaming. I assure you, I was not the only one singing and screaming (alcohol loosens people up). They taught us a Irish folk song named Mary Mack, which is incredible. It was mesmerizing how fast that guy could sing… They also had a special connection with our beloved praeses, Nick, which made it even more fun. If you want to find out how good Scoops Music is and why we enjoyed it so much, click here
Just like any other concert their performance had to come to an end. Fortunately, they took the time to take some pictures with us and sign our freshly bought albums. Nick even got a link to a free EP, lucky guy. There were many great nights in Dublin (basically every night), but this one was the most memorable and every time I think about it I get a huge smile on my face.

Written by Chrystel Philipsen